The Perfect Client Consultation Script E-Book



Are you a new PMU artist who feels like you don’t know what to say to help your clients feel more relaxed before and/or during their appointments? Or do you know WHAT to say, but struggle with HOW to say it? Or are you looking to just streamline your consultations more?

The Perfect Client Consultation Script E-Book© is exactly what you need in your brow artist arsenal!

This is the precise script that I use with my own clients and they always rave about how well-informed and comfortable they feel after we complete our consultations.

This e-book will give to the EXACT words to say and questions to ask to give you clarity and your client comfort and confidence before, during, and after their appointment

The Perfect Client Consultation Script E-Book will help you:

– Explain the overall appointment process from start to finish

– Clearly explain what to expect during aftercare and the healing process

– Discover my 3 simple questions to ask to give your client the EXACT brow shape that works for them

– Ask my super easy, but effective question to determine the right color choice for each client

– What to ask your clients to give them the right finished results: natural, bold, or something in between


Please be advised:

There is a strict no refund policy on this item due to the nature of the product.

Please be mindful that you have 24 hours to dowunload your ebook before the link expires, so please download it ASAP after purchase.


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